HSA 45 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • 50cm bar trims branches up to 8mm
  • So quiet you don’t need to wear ear defenders

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The HSA 45 cordless hedge trimmer is very lightweight so it is easy to manoeuvre and is perfect for trimming annual growth on the hedges in your garden.

With an integrated Lithium-Ion battery, the HSA 45 couldn’t be easier to use – simply pop in the activation key, switch on and go. It is also really quiet so you can get on with your garden jobs without disturbing the peace! The precision-ground blades deliver a neat cut, so you can get your shrubs in order in no time.

  • Run time on┬ábuilt-in battery: up to 40 minutes


STIHL Cordless System tools are so quiet you don’t even need to wear ear protection.

Compact and ergonomicCOMPACT AND ERGONOMIC

The integrated battery cells mean that the tool is optimally balanced. The HSA is easy to handle. Its streamlined design creates plenty of room for manoeuvre.

Soft handleSOFT HANDLE

The HSA 45 can only be operated with two hands so you are always in control. The soft-grip front handle can be operated from all sides so that you can work at exactly the right angle for your hedges.

Tip protector with hanging eyeTIP PROTECTOR WITH HANGING EYE

The tip protector protects the tip of the blades from damage. It also features a hanging eyelet for easy storage in the garage or shed.

Pruning systemPRUNING SYSTEM

The blades on the HSA 45 are precision ground so you get a precise cut on your hedges.

Activation keyACTIVATION KEY

The tool can only be used with the activation key. If the key is removed, the tool switches off to prevent it being started accidentally. The HSA 45 can then be safely stored and transported.

Charge level indicatorCHARGE LEVEL INDICATOR

There are four LEDs on the side of the trimmer to show you how much charge you have left. Just press the button next to the LEDs and you will be able to quickly see the charge level.

Charger cableCHARGER CABLE

The built-in battery in the HSA 45 is easily charged using the charger cable.

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