Hollow Tine Aerator

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The Handy THHTA Aerator provides long-lasting aeration, relieves compacted soil and revives hard, dry lawn-areas.

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Lawn enthusiasts looking for a simple and cost-effective way to relieve soil compaction should check out this straightforward manual hollow-tine aerator from Handy! It removes five soil cores in one action, with the plugs being deposited in a convenient collection tray. Weighs 3kg.

Its five hollow tines remove soil-cores down to a depth of 50mm, enabling water, air and nutrients to better access the root network so as to encourage lush, healthy growth.

In addition, it will minimise moss proliferation and allow any fertiliser or dressing you apply to work more effectively.

It’s of all-steel construction, so it will prove strong and durable; and it’s equipped with a collection tray that means your lawn won’t be strewn with soil-plugs when you’ve finished aerating.

Also featured is a tread-plate that makes it easy to dig-in the tines; and a fold-away handlebar for compact storage.

This model has a 20cm working-width and weighs just 3kg.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 70.5 × 70.5 × 14.6 cm