Foldable Saw Horse With Chainsaw Support

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Combining a saw horse and chainsaw support in a single affordable package, the Handy THSHWCS will prove a practical and convenient work-partner for anyone tackling woodcutting tasks on a regular basis.

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This saw-horse/chainsaw-support combination from Handy not only holds the subject-log at waist-height for comfortable cutting, it also provides a mount for your chainsaw, thereby making the job faster and less tiring.

It’s equipped with an adjustable measuring-bar that makes it possible to chop each log to exactly the same size for space-saving and stable stacking; and it sits on large flexible feet which ensures it will remain firmly in position as you cut.

The Handy THSHWCS holds the chainsaw in the holster with absolute security and has been equipped with a safety-optimising guard for the guide-bar tip.

Its fold-flat design makes it easy to transport and store; while its all-steel construction and galvanised finish combine to confer excellent durability.

Suitable for most small and mid-range chainsaws

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 91.5 × 91.5 × 8.5 cm