Electric ‘H’ Frame Mixer

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Enjoy contractor performance and build-quality at a DIY price with this powerful electric mixer from Handy! Beefy 550w motor; generous 90 litre mixing capacity.

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The high-quality but affordable Handy THLCHCM Electric Mixer will prove a great buy if you’re regularly needing to mix less substantial amounts of cement, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of operating, storing and transporting a bulky petrol-powered machine.

It combines a rapid 26.6rpm rotation-speed with a capacious 125-litre hopper, so you can expect superior productivity; and it benefits from a control-wheel-operated, 360-degree swivel mechanism that means you’ll be able to achieve multiple pouring-angles.

Further key features include transport-wheels for hassle-free site to site movement; and a steel drum that works with a robust H-frame design to confer fantastic durability.

Highly versatile, this model can be used for mixing plaster, mortar and concrete; and is suitable for a variety of small- to medium-scale projects, including building garden-walls and stone BBQs; repairing in-ground swimming-pools; and setting fence-posts.

Weighs 52kg and comes with a 1.7m mains-cable.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 65.5 cm