57kg (125lb) Heavy Duty Easy Build Spreader

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With the Handy THS125HDUTY Broadcast Spreader you don’t just get excellent build-quality, you’ll also enjoy straightforward operation and a superb large-area work-rate!

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Of heavy-duty design and combining a huge 57kg hopper-capacity with an expansive 3.66m working-width, this highly productive push-type broadcast spreader from Handy is guaranteed to impress in terms of durability and large-area work-rate! Desirable features include a hopper-cover for successful wet-weather operation; and large pneumatic tyres for a comfortable run over difficult terrain. Weighs 17.5kg.

It’s a highly versatile, twin-function machine which can be used during freezing weather to apply ice-melts to pathways, drives and other hard-surface areas so as to eliminate slip-hazard; or during the spring/summer period to broadcast fertiliser, pesticides and grass-seeds.

The heavy-duty Handy THS125HDUTY boasts a tubular-steel frame, an all-metal transmission and a corrosion-resistant poly hopper; a combination that ensures season upon season of rock-solid reliability and unfailing performance.

It’s supplied with a hopper-screen that prevents performance-inhibiting clogging; and it boasts an adjustable feed-control that confers enhanced flexibility of use (adjustment is via a conveniently positioned lever).

Capable of holding an impressive 56.7kg (125lb) of your chosen spread-medium and offering a sizeable 3.66m maximum spread-width, the Handy THS125HDUTY Broadcast Spreader delivers range-topping productivity-levels.

Wide-profile pneumatic tyres ensure it’s stable in operation and can be pushed with ease across rough ground; while a hopper-cover means you’ll be able to continue working should it start to rain.

For the best possible user-comfort, Handy have kept machine-weight down to just 17.5kg and provided an ergonomically optimised soft-grip T-Bar handle.

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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 44 cm