48cm (19″) Garden Roller

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Whether you’re looking to smooth-out frost-heaves, level mole-hills or create an attractive lawn-stripe, this simple but effective push-type garden-roller from Handy is a practical and convenient way to get the job done!

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Enjoy a step-up in productivity and smooth out lumps and bumps over larger areas quickly and efficiently with the 48cm Handy THGR Garden Roller! It’s equipped with a soft grip handle that makes it comfortable to use; and it weighs a mere 12kg unballasted, so it couldn’t be easier to move to and from the shed. Assembly is fast and hassle-free.

The Handy THGR Garden Roller can be water-ballasted up to 72kg, or sand-ballasted up to 102kg, so you can be as gentle or aggressive in approach as the condition of your lawn and the application-type requires.

Its soft-grip handlebar – collapsible for space-saving storage – makes it comfortable and easy to propel; while its extra-wide 50cm roller-drum ensures a rapid work-rate over more substantial areas.

This model boasts a full-width rubber-scraper that prevent debris-accumulation so as to ensure consistent performance is maintained as you work.

The robust and hardwearing drum benefits from a no-tools drain-plug and measures 42cm in diameter.

If this is a bigger than your needs then, why not check out the 42cm Garden Roller or if you use a ride-on tractor the towed version is also available.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 42 cm