36kg (80lb) Towed Broadcast Spreader

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Hook up this towed broadcast-spreader to your garden tractor and apply your chosen spread medium over a large area quickly and efficiently with the 36kg Handy THTS!

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This versatile towed broadcast-spreader from Handy is a dual-purpose unit – it can be used during the growing-season for the application of fertiliser, pesticide and grass-seed; while during the winter months, you can broadcast salt to help keep your paths, driveway and other hard-surface areas ice-free.

Offering fantastic large-area productivity, the Handy THTS has a substantial 3.66m maximum spread-width and boasts an impressive 36kg (80lbs) load-capacity (to reduce spread-width, simply cut your tractor’s ground-speed).

Large, wide-profile pneumatic tyres provide plenty of traction for the spreading-system and will prove gentle on delicate surfaces; while a corrosion-resistant poly hopper and sturdy metal frame combine to deliver rugged durability.

The Handy THTS Towed Broadcast-Spreader incorporates an adjustable feed-control, so you can be as thorough or sparse in approach as is required.

Further noteworthy features include a hopper-screen that prevents performance-limiting clogging; and a rain-cover that will keep the hopper-contents dry if you’re working in typically damp British conditions.

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Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 32 cm