200kg (440lb) Poly Body Garden Trolley

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Consign your old wheelbarrow to the shed and transport garden-waste, tools, fertiliser-sacks and logs from place to place around your property with consummate ease when you get your hands on this high-quality but affordable garden-trolley from Handy! THPDC

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The attractively priced Handy THPDC Garden Trolley features a corrosion-resistant poly body and offers easy manoeuvrability thanks to its turntable steering and sizeable puncture proof tyres. It boasts a generous 200kg capacity and features a convenient tipping system.

The Handy THPDC has been equipped with a dual-purpose handle – it can either be pushed or pulled; or, if you’re shifting a particularly heavy load, you can hook it up to your garden tractor (tow-hitch included).

It features an impact-resistant polycarbonate bed that’s easy to clean and which will never rust; and it employs a turntable-type steering system that ensures it excels in terms of manoeuvrability.

Thanks to its widely-spaced wheels and low stance, the Handy THPDC Poly Body Garden-Trolley will stay safely stable when being used on rough or rolling ground.

Large, wide-profile tyres mean it can be guided across lawn-areas without damaging the turf; while an ingenious tipping-mechanism – whereby the back wheels move under the cart – makes it possible to deposit the load exactly where you want it.

This model has an impressive 200kg capacity.

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 107 × 107 × 27.5 cm