167 mph (270 km/h) 2600w Garden Blower & Vacuum

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Whether you’re looking to clear-up leaves during the autumn fall, hedge-clippings after a trimming session or grass-cuttings post mowing, this high-performance 2600w electric blower-vac from Handy will make short work of the job!

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A blower, vacuum and shredder in a single convenient package, the versatile Handy THEV2600 is the go to machine for all you garden clear up needs! A 10:1 reduction-ratio works to maximise the capacity of the already roomy 45-litre collection bag; while a shoulder strap ensures user fatigue is kept at bay for the duration of the job. This 2600w model comes with a six-metre power-cable and weighs just 3.7kg.

Not just a blower-vac, the Handy THEV2600 is also a shredder – it reduces vacuumed material at a ratio of 10:1, leaving you with a fine, easy-to-manage mulch with excellent decomposition properties.

A capacious 45-litre debris-bag means lengthy runs without interruption; while a lengthy six-metre mains-lead ensures you’ll be able to roam well away from your power-point.

This model comes with a shoulder-strap and weighs-in at a mere 3.7kg; a combination that confers excellent user-comfort.

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Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 32.5 × 32.5 × 46.5 cm